Want To Help Your Gallbladder? Here Are The Best And Worst Foods To Eat

At least 25 million Americans have gallstones, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Every year, half a million people get their gallbladder removed. Although you can’t prevent gallbladder disease, you can lower your chances through diet, says clinical counselor Dr. F. Taylor Wootton III.

To keep the small, sensitive organ below your liver, make some conscious diet choices. While some diet “flushes” are advertised as healthy, they may not work. Drinking the right water may save you from surgery later. Check out these best and worst foods for gallbladder health.

Brussels Sprouts Offer More Than Enough Vitamins

Brussels sprouts are wrapped in a plastic bag from a supermarket.
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Vitamin C is necessary for gallbladder health. Without it, bile will become too cholesterol-heavy, resulting in more stones. During one study of over 13,000 adults, researchers found that people with low vitamin C intake were more likely to get gallbladder disease. This is where brussels sprouts come in.

One cup of brussels sprouts provides 124% of your daily recommended vitamin C. It also supplies plenty of fiber, which can also support gallbladder health over time. Plus, they’re just delicious. Why not eat more brussels sprouts?