Perform These Healthy, Science-Backed Habits For Brain Health

According to the United Nations, one in six people suffer from a neurological disease. A new case of dementia is detected every four seconds. Since your brain controls all the functions in your body, caring for your mind is essential. Neurologists have discovered that certain activities can encourage brain health and potentially ward off disease.

You may be surprised how simple these activities seem, from drawing to playing games to managing your headphone volume. Making some changes can keep your mind sharp as you age, so don’t hesitate to engage in these healthy habits for the brain.

Stop Multitasking

In this illustration, a woman frustratingly talks to two coworkers at once.

If you’re reading this article while working on or listening to something else, stop. In 2014, Stanford researchers discovered that multitasking places significant stress on the brain. Participants who thought they were “good” at multitasking were actually a lot worse than people who tackle single tasks.

Along with reducing performance and speed, multitasking harms your brain. Scientists at the University of London reported the multitasking lowers your IQ. Through a brain scan, University of Sussex researchers saw that multitasking physically damages the brain. So drop all your other activities and focus on one thing.