Useful Tips And Products For Alzheimer’s Patients And Their Caregivers

There are few things more devastating for a family than learning that a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The diagnosis can wreak havoc not just on the sufferer, but on their family and caregivers as well.

Science gets better every day, though, and doctors and researchers have come up with many ways to help all those involved. This may be through a device, or through a pattern of behavior, or just a way of seeing things differently. Here are a number of tips and products to help families cope with dementia.

Locator Devices

Handicapped Gentleman With Walker Crossing Street.
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

One big worry of those caring for someone with dementia is that they might wander off. If this is to happen, the elderly individual may be confused where they are and while people may try to help, they probably won’t be able to if they can’t get the proper information.

Here’s where a special locator bracelet or belt attachment comes in handy. The technology works similarly to the “Find My Phone” style of apps. The family can track down their loved one with GPS and make sure they are safe and sound.